Marriage Changes Everything

Three women: one engaged, one married and one a mistress, are chatting about their relationships and decided they needed to spice up their love lives. All three agreed to wear black leather bras, stiletto heels and a mask over their eyes that evening with their respective lovers. After a few days they meet up for lunch and compared notes.

The engaged woman: “The other night when my boyfriend came over he found me with a black leather bodice, tall stilettos and a mask. He saw me and said, ‘You are the woman of my life. I love you.’ Then we made love all night long.”

The mistress: “Me too! The other night I met my lover at his office and I was wearing the leather bodice, heels, mask over my eyes and a raincoat. When I opened the raincoat he didn’t say a word, but we had wild sex all night.”

The married woman: “I sent the kids to stay at my mother’s house for the night when my husband came home I was wearing the leather bodice, black stockings, stilettos and a mask over my eyes. As soon as he came in the door and saw me he said, ‘What’s for dinner, Batwoman?’”


8 Responses to “Marriage Changes Everything”

  1. Titlul este gresit. Cel corect ar fi fost: “Anumiti soti sunt complet imbecili.” :))

  2. aia o fi fost tentativa de gluma dragalasa, his way of spicing things up.
    majoritatea barbatilor is oarecum fericiti cand fac pasu, se simt impliniti, mi-am gasit femeie, si apoi fac pe victimele si se simt tinuti degeaba in custi. like there’s no escape … ceea ce e ff iritant pt o gagica. si cand ii lasi liberi, isi gasesc amante… de fapt asta-i valabil si pt relatii mai lungi …

    nicicum nu li bine…

  3. blu_ Says:

    Ow shut up :))
    You’d laugh your ass off and make love all night.
    It was a good joke

  4. moo

  5. “Comentariul tău aşteaptă să fie aprobat.” ? o_0
    so that’s the way the cookie crumbles. ptiu drace ..

  6. Seba a Says:

    gluma … care se aplica si in viatza (parerea mea) :O) … e buna . numai ca reactiile la ea sunt cam aiurea din partea feminina :OP . mai Neli , totusi … daca l-ai lasa liber si si-ar gasit pe alta inseamna ca ceva pute …si sunt de acord cu BLU … (…and bullets)

  7. Seba a Says:

    … si oricum nici voua nu vii bine nicicum … check Carlos Mencia ca are dreptate , you learned how to make a blowjob you graduated … but uuuuuus , constant learning :O)

  8. da pute, men cheat by default 😀
    dar asta e alta discutie.

    n-am zis ca nu a fost funny gluma :P, a fost.
    si a mea era “thats his way of spicing things up” , probabil era prea pliktisit ..

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