Fairness is not my thing

Well, it`s been a while since I wrote something I really meant. No, that`s not what I mean. Let me rephrase that. It`s been a while since I wrote something meaningful. Well, you delusional punks, I`m not gonna do that now. Not at this late hour.

Just thought it`d be nice from time to time to come back and throw some bones. So, here I am. Again.

Since I last shared, I moved a lot around Cluj. Yeah, I`m still homeless. Oh, sorry, Blu would kick my ass if I say it like that. I`ll might as well rephrase that as well. I`ve been moving a lot between good friends` places. Blu is, as always, so kind to let me use his apartment for the weekdays, while, in the weekends, Seba shares a room with me. I have to thank his parents as well. They are extraordinary people and really make me feel like home.

But then again, when I am at home, besides my parents and Xena, nothing really makes me feel “like home”. Something got lost on the way. But that`s another story.

For now, I enjoy my time here as much as I can.

I went at the movies last night. Transformers 2 – Revenge of the fallen. Very good movie. Lot of fighting, explosions, special effects and, of course, big transforming robots from outer space. Just the necessary food for my brain. A brain to tired to think any more. Being a grown-up is getting though on me. It began when I lost my job. Hopefully, it`ll get easier when I`ll get the next one.

Next week I`ll work for 3 or 4 days in Hard Club as a DJ. The actual DJs are leaving the city for some festivals, so I`m the backup. So feel free to join. I could use the company. And the hugs. And the “Congrats, f*ckhead, it took you 7 years to graduate”. Yeah, my sense of humor is back.

In other news, I AM TRYING to start on another relationship. Baby steps. Or so it seems. And that`s all you’ll hear about it from me. After the last failure, I decided it was for me to chew on it. Maybe I`ll brag about this and that later on, but I will not complain again. Or Blu kicks my ass. Again.

Pretty soon I`m hoping on a small trip to Bucharest. As soon as I`ll get the proof I`m licensed. Would be nice to make a change of pace for a couple of days and see old friends. Hadn`t had the time for that lately. And I don`t like being one that forgets the people around him so easy.

If you`re wondering about the title, it`s random, as always.

I`m still waiting for the Beta release of StarCraft 2. I signed in for it. To every gamer out there that questions Blizzard`s decision to pull out LAN, let me say this. If you bitch about it, just don`t buy it. If you buy it, you`ll be able to play on Battle.net and it will be better than LAN (because of all achievements and things you can win by doing so). Taking out LAN doesn`t mean it`ll take out the fun of playing with friends. That`s one of the reasons I still have the original Diablo II plus Expansion Set.

And I want new music. The new Killswitch Engage album doesn`t impress me that much. Maybe I haven`t listened to it too much. Or maybe I needed a special mood. Hell if I know. I`m still hoping they`re not letting me down.

And, keeping in mind that, for the last year or so, I`ve only listened to XNation, I`ll make a habit to finish all my posts from now on with the song I`m listening to as I finish writing.

Well, until next time, I wish you all good mental health.

Blue October – Say It


One Response to “Fairness is not my thing”

  1. Reptileanca (Nora) Says:

    man, >:D< i told ya: congrats you f*ckhead.
    i mean it.
    the hug.

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