It`s Been A While …

Well, it`s been a while since I finished all my doings here. And yet I linger around, more and more each day. I`m thinking on what to do. Maybe go back home, maybe wait a little longer. I thought finishing with the University Degree will put the rest in place. Not a chance. I`m still without a place of my own, without a job and without any means of living. Blu and Seba have been more than helpful so far, but I think it`s time I take my life in my own hands and try and change this.

Frankly, so far, it`s been a good season. During the week, I`ve got the critters to  look after and Blu`s computer at my disposal. I miss my own Draven [yes, my computer has a name]. I`m actually looking forward to travel a few in the next weeks. I`ll be wandering since next Friday, I believe, for a couple of days, I don`t kno` where yet, then after the 1st of August, to Bucharest for about a week and then head home for a little while.

People around me changed. They grew up and chose their paths. We`re not kids anymore, we can`t daydream anymore. “We`re all children `till the moment you know you`re gonna die”. Well, at least I am. With this trips I`ll take I want to pursue my dream to go somewhere I`ve never been before, just go and wander around aimlessly. And take my camera with me, at least use it if i have it. The photography has been always a dream for me, but now, with a good camera on my hands, there`s no passion left in me to use it. Well, I hope to regain that. Next weekend. It`s a goal. I never set goals like this, without any planning, but, this time, I feel it`s gonna go well. I dunno, I just feel it.

And I`m still trying to find my true self. As hard as it can be, I`ll try and try until I`ll be pleased by the answers to my given questions. We`ll see. I still have time. I`m young and handsome and full of energy. Can`t go wrong when you have those lined up.

Well, my friends, until next time, I wish you all good mental health.

Incubus – Drive


One Response to “It`s Been A While …”

  1. You won’t be able to contain this change.It happens to all of us but it doesn’t mean we can’t daydream anymore.It means we have the power to make those dreams come true. It has always been hard but you’ll figure things out sooner or later. No one said it was gonna be easy, right?Don’t expect it to, just make the best of it. Godspeed! :*

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