Never take friendship personal

Good evening, my sane friends. I know I`ve let myself expected over the last weeks, but … I was going to say a lot happened. In fact, nothing happened. Just that I got back home. After a 40 minute flight, I was back home. Impressive. Second time i used a plane. Hope it`s not the last.

Anyhow, I`m staying home for about 9 to 12 months. I got a big project going on here. And plus, I started working out, and in september willing to take the driving classes, so I can finally get my Driver`s Licence. It`s about time.

Everything`s so boring here. I thought I will have tons of things to do around. I was mistaken. Besides working out and the random baths in the sea (one `til now, hoping on more to come), I have nothing to do `til my project starts at the end of the month. Found a new series to watch, Reaper, which is actually pretty funny. And still playing PWI.

I feel better with each passing day, trying to find myself through the ashes. Time passes slow and convenient for me. Even if i get easily bored, I know it`ll be good at the end of all this. I`m not alone anymore. Even though the people here changed. Even if I`ve lost friends, I gained new ones instead. The cycle won`t stop here. “You always have a choice”. Of course I do.

I`ll get back one of these days with some updates. Until then, as always, I wish you all good mental health.

Killswitch Engage – Starting Over


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