@ Cluj + Later Edit

Da. Sunt in Cluj de duminica. Desi nu s`a schimbat nimic in oras, totul pare altfel. Oamenii sunt mult mai obositi, mai ocupati. Inca nu am gasit ceva de facut pana vineri in afara de bantuiala mea prin oras. Probabil si faptul ca este in timpul saptamanii are vreo importanta. Nevertheless stau pana luni. Sper macar in weekend sa prind ceva miscare. Daca nu, asta este. Mi`am facut damblaua si`am venit pana aici.

Mi`era dor de orasul asta. Si mai ales de oamenii de aici. Intrebarea cea mai frecvent intalnita la revederea cu ei a fost probabil “Cand te muti inapoi aici?”. Din nou, nimic nu s`a schimbat. In viitorul apropiat nu am de gand sa plec din Constanta definitiv. Vreau sa`mi construiesc viata asa cum trebuie. Asa cum am inceput de 4 luni.

The downside, mi s`a stricat PSP`ul. Nu mai vrea sa incarce. Acum sa vad ce fac 14 ore pe tren inapoi. Si nu mai pot de picioare. Atat de mult n`am mai mers pe jos de ani de zile. Mai ales in bocanci. Nu mai am antrenament.

Bun. Cam atat pana aici. O sa updatez postul in momentul cand o sa se si intample ceva.

Until then, I wish you all good mental health.


So, this was it? It wasn’t much. It has been a slow and tiring ride. I thought this trip would fix my tiredness. Well, it didn’t. At least I’m happy that i saw the people that count the most for me. Well, besides Ari. Blu, with his messed, pinkish Mohawk, didn’t mind bitch slapping me all over again. I almost forgot how that brought me up every time. It’s always funny when he does it. Then, the little rabbit, in a t’shirt, doing stupid things again. Messy, my little fuzzy friend. But funny. Then, my brother from another mother, Seba. Chill and smiling like i knew him, finally happy. Now we both can say that, right little brother? She is your everything now. Well, told you this would happen. Just so you know, i’m happy you’re happy. And Dray, the one that had my back 6 years ago when i first landed in Cluj, was there to do it again. And for that, i thank you, foo’. Everyone was almost as i left them back in August. Maybe with small details changed. Marina’s still small. Hehe. Had to. It was there. Anyway, i don’t know how much it’ll take me to come back, lads. At least, next time i will bring Ari with me. She wants to meet you all. But, until then, we’ll be a phone call away. Or a keyboard away. Cluj became a boring city while i was back home. Or was it like this, and i didn’t notice? I don’t think i care anymore. I live a full and good life back home. Where it all started. This trip only strengthened my feelings for her and made me realize this is what i prepared all my life for. She endures through my little obsessions and customs. And that’s just one small detail i love about her. Small indeed, but big enough for me to notice. She would be the first that truly does it. With no mask on. Anyhow, getting back to my being in Cluj, i did not do anything i wouldn’t do at home, except spending so much money on practically nothing, and the two times i got to see my friends together. So, yeah, i played World of Warcraft and spent money on bars. Meh. This trip back will kill me. The only thing keeping me up and running is the thought of her waiting for my arrival back home. Prolly i waited for that moment to come since i left home. I know i truly love her. She is the center to my circle. She’s the one I’d sell my soul for.


3 Responses to “@ Cluj + Later Edit”

  1. sergiu Says:

    sarbatori fericite

  2. Seba Says:

    Right U Are … fucker πŸ˜› . HAppy , yes i am .Very F&^%In Happy πŸ™‚ … We did not gave eachother Promise Rings , yet :D:P , but we’re fuckin awesome :D.Thanks for the trip here and for the good thoughts πŸ˜‰ … take care bro and happy relationship and all the “crap” that goes with it πŸ˜€ … piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis

  3. Seba Says:

    … si sorry ca nu am avut mai mult timp sa stam si sa chill together.better luck next time πŸ˜‰ , cause there’s always a next time πŸ˜› … tha tha (Z) πŸ˜€

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