Insanity? Or just another day?

Well. Good evening, old friends. Or fiends. It has been a long time since i`ve been around here. Altho` not much happened, i think i am a changed man.

Reason 1. Since i last wrote, i got hired back in the bar, and left the bar. So many sleepless nights, so tired, so so tired.

Reason 2. Me and my beloved went on a break. For about 2 weeks. And got back together. As we should be.

Reason 3. Starcraft 2 came out. I suck at it. End of discussion.

Reason 4. Got into the driver school. Not sucking too much, but i believe i see an epic fail at the end of it. I don`t know, just a hunch.

Seems like forever since i said anything to anyone. My thoughts are only my own. Do i really have to keep it all in me? Will i go insane from all that? Or maybe i`ll just forget all. Maybe i should. At least in part. I wanna go back to Cluj. For some reason, i`m better there. Well, maybe not 100%. But still better. Friends stay the same. Relationships stay the same. People change. What makes me stay the same? I`m the same idiot making a big deal out of nothing as always. Hurting people around me for apparently no reason. It makes sense in my head at that particular moment.

Anyway. I tend to go on. Don`t know where I`m heading. But i`ll make sure i`ll get there.

And for you out there that aren`t from this part of the country, I DIDN`T GET TO THE BEACH YET! You can start hating me now.

At least i`m good at something …


2 Responses to “Insanity? Or just another day?”

  1. 1. Welcome back! >:D<
    2. Write more often
    3. I did get to the beach ;))

  2. Ioana Says:

    Just saying all of this means a change…it’s ok, don’t worry

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