Dreams long forgotten. Wishes that never came through. Hard work in vain and time lost. These should`ve been the defining stats for me. But something beautiful happened. I am allowed to hope and dream again.

I know it`s fast and it`s not me, but so far, everything that was me seems wrong. Every mistake i`ve ever done resonated in my head, crushing me. But now all is quiet and peaceful. I can hear my heart beating once again.

It all started as a joke. The kind of joke you don`t think beforehand, and when it`s done, you will remember it like a stepping stone for the rest of your life. But, instead of laughing and moving on, she happened. I should`ve been skeptical about it. But I dared to dream and we moved as one, step by step. Second after second, minute after minute, we laughed and talked and took walks. Minutes became hours. Hours went away faster than usual. We didn`t feel the cold and we cared not about the darkness. Come tomorrow or forever, we cared so little.

We dare to hope. We are free to dream. Even tho` everything is scary at first, we smile and walk on.

I found myself in her smile. I heard myself in her thoughts. And I will continue to do it, for as long as she`d let me. And you know what? No plans whatsoever. I`ll do whatever I have to do when I have to do it. It took me so many years to try and do that, and it was hard. And now, within a blink of an eye, it happened without my knowledge. I am still amazed.

I am not standing in my own path any more. No compromises, no plans, no fear.

I carry on.



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