I`ll show you mine

You fail, and fail, and fail again. So much, that you start losing pieces of you along the way. So many, that you stop when you`re left with only one small piece. That small piece is everything you used to be. You keep it close, just in case someone will come tend to it. Nurse it back to life, if you may. But not everyone can do that.

The single drop of humanity in you that`s left, keeps you sane. You fought your daemons over and over again. The illusion that you won stayed for a moment, only to bring you to your knees once more. Yet, you still rise and fight once again. For what purpose? For what ending? We fight for nothing, most of the time, with hope that we will get to that point where we will stop that fight and find the serenity.

I am not too good. I am not better than all of them. The only thing that separates us, is my will to fight with all odds against me. I won`t go numb. I won`t stay on the side to watch the whole world passing me by. I`m only afraid I will lose that little soul that I have left. And it will be for nothing.

Everyone is unique, just like everybody else.


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