I haven`t got over you. I thought it`d be easier just to get on with my life. It seems it`s not. I need peace. I need closure. I can`t sleep, I barely eat and I can`t stop thinking. I know it`s bad for me, but I don`t know what to do. Once again, I need a crossroad in my path. I am tired of walking towards my own destruction and there`s no one there to turn me back or show me another way.

I guess I have my days. Mostly bad, lately. I need to pick myself up again, before I get crushed under my own thoughts. It`s like I want it to hurt this bad. I need new thoughts, new dreams, new people. I need less time with myself. That`s when I hit rock-bottom.

I know I am never alone. But I need more than words to get through. I need to feel something more than just pity and regrets. I need to feel loved. I need to feel needed.

I am not broken. I don`t need fixing.


One Response to “Beyond”

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