Too close

I try and make up for every mistake I`ve done so far. I make amends. Although it`s not enough. It will never be enough. Not from their point of view. No matter how hard you struggle, no matter how much pain you`re putting yourself through, it`s not the best you can do.

After a while, it becomes something you do just because you have to. Not because you enjoy the look on her face. That was once something you didn`t have to work for. To see that smile, that pure, untainted smile, was everything for you. Then, with each passing day, you had to do more and more and more, and that smile became less and less pure. It became just a line on her beautiful face. You settle with the fact you`ll never gonna make her as happy as you did in the first days. When you both were excited about this new thing. What ruins your happiness? What makes you become this shell of a man? Your love for her grows each day. That`s a given. And it`s not lost easily. But, in the same time, even if she loves you, she has no interest in you like she did in the first stage of your, now over, relationship.

What makes us click? How do we stay the same? We need to remain that happy couple from the first few days forever. We have to make it through. But how? Sometimes it`s fate, or destiny, or maybe just luck. But that`s rare. And for me, it`s an adamantium unicorn coming from Atlantis.

My faith is there. My chin is up. My mind is set. And I try again and again. `Til the day I die. I am still standing here. After all this and everything that comes.


2 Responses to “Too close”

  1. Beautiful!

  2. Sometimes it`s not about the beauty, but about the truth.

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