Music is my life

Well, I stumbled upon this challenge a while back. Just thought I should share with you guys and girls. It might be fun to go through with it. So, enjoy.

A song you’ve seen performed live – In Flames – Alias
A song by an artist you have a crush on – Coal Chamber – Fiend (the bass player – Nadja Peulen)
A song you listen to when cleaning – Maximum The Hormone – Zetsubou Billy
A song that’s been dedicated to you – Down – Stone The Crow
A song you’ve requested on the radio – Linkin Park – Wish!
A song you wish you wrote – Nine Inch Nails – Closer
A song from your favourite soundtrack – The Cure – Burn
A love song – Poets Of The Fall – Carnival Of Rust
A break up song – Blue October – The End
A song that reminds you of Autumn – Leaves Eyes – For Amelie
A song that reminds you of Winter – Sentenced – Killing Me Killing You
A song that reminds you of Spring – Deftones – Back To School
A song that reminds you of Summer – Sonic Syndicate – Jack Of Diamonds
A song you’ve played on a jukebox – Righteous Brothers – Unchained Melody
A song from the first album you purchased – KoRn – Shoots and Ladders
A song that describes your home town – Volbeat – Heaven Nor Hell
A song you misheard the lyrics to – Nightwish – Wishmaster
A song from the first group you saw live – Iron Maiden – Run To The Hills
A song you loved as a child – Queen – Princes Of The Universe
A song you listen to when you’re in a bad mood – Trivium – In Waves
Your favourite music video – 30 Seconds To Mars – From Yesterday
A song that describes your world view – Devildriver – I Could Care Less
A song you listen to in transit – Fall Out Boy – My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark
A song you have performed in public – Ronan Keating – If You Say Nothing At All
A song from a local band – Breathelast – Enemy
Your favourite TV theme song – The Walking Dead theme
A song you listen to on the weekend – Five Finger Death Punch – Bulletproof
A song that motivates you – Rise Against – Satellite
A song that’s always stuck in your head – Mychael Danna – The Blood of Cuchulainn
A song from the year you were born – The Police – Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic


3 Responses to “Music is my life”

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