It`s time

Even villains have people that follow them. Minions, hot girls, maybe an army. So, why would I feel bad about being bad on the inside? I`m not evil. I`m just complicated. Just like every anti-hero in every book, every show and every movie. It takes time. Too long, for some standards. And I want to see the result of that, as well. 

But if the change is too expensive and too out of reach, most give up. Just like I used to do, back in the day. And I get it. I am too much work. From every point of view. But I never asked anyone to try, in the first place. I`m kind of happy now, in my own hell. And all because I embraced it. I`m not affraid of it anymore. And I will start using it.

Everything that`s bad needs to be left behind. Forsaken. For the first time, I can command my brain to stop thinking about some aspects of my past. I`m getting the hang of it. I have so much to think about my future, I can`t afford to stop, not even for a second, to linger in the painful past. Made me who I am today, and I`m grateful for it, but it`s time I moved on.

And I will start by saying this: I forgive you. Every last one of you. Whatever wrong you did me, it helped. It got me up here. Even if you forgot who I was or am, I will never forget what you people meant to me, at one point in my life. I am grateful for what I have right now. And it`s all because of me. And only me. I walked this path, mostly alone.

I have my brothers, and that`s everyone I`ll ever need besides me. And I still have myself. In one piece. Sane.


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