So much time has passed since I felt like this. People around me smiling, talking, laughing, having the most fun we could`ve. They took a day that was meant to fall to pieces, and turned it into the greatest day I had in so long. Because of a simple incident, Saturday was meant to be broken. Or so I thought. I was never so wrong. Life has its perks. Like surprising and throwing some good things at you. Long overdue, but I welcomed those feelings. I`ve let them in. They took control of my inner child, who was once beaten down and forsaken deep down.

The East European Comic Con was a blast. I`ve spent 12 hours having fun, except for a couple of minutes, in the middle of the day. I`ve met Jason Momoa, I`ve seen more than enough Cosplayers to make me go for Cosplaying next year and met the best people I could`ve hung out with. And she turned my day around and made it bright. I`ve never met a person with more positive energy and a bigger, warmer smile. I could not be anything else but smiling and happy for as long as she was around me.

People around you define your state of mind, whether you want it or not. They can bring you down with a false smile and a cold hug, or they can pull you up just looking into your eyes with warmth. I can`t be but grateful for all of that.

Even if I`m so far away right now, I will come back, as often as I can. I just want to hang on to that feeling. It does me good.

“One day someone is going to hug you so tight that all of your broken pieces will stick back together.” And they did. Like a sea-shore Sunshine.


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