All our lives we look for something to keep us going. We walk different paths, to adapt accordingly to the given situations. We make compromises and we fight our ego for that. And why? So we can be happy.

Well, I found out that when we almost lose all hope, great things happen. There are no coincidences. Nothing is random. Even in chaos you will find order. So my chaos was there for a reason. To keep me occupied until all the pieces are put into place. Now that I look back, I can see that everything I did so far was for this outcome. Without my knowing, I did exactly what I was supposed to.

This is a new chapter. Everything is new, everything is good. Now let`s keep it this way. And work towards a beautiful endgame.

She`s given me more than I can ever return. I am in her debt. And I`ll never stop expressing that. Just because she`s worth it. It`s time to stop hiding myself behind anger and disappointment. Time to take this life as it is. Warm and embracing, just like a sunshine.



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