Everything to my nothing

For everything good that happens in our lives, something bad is following. It`s the Universe` way of telling us everything must be balanced. The equilibrium of our inner world depends on it. As a half to a whole, I`m still waiting for my share. As long as I`m prepared, I will be able to embrace anything thrown in my way.

Her being upset makes me angry, mostly because I can`t do anything about it. Not being there, it matters. Words alone don`t help that much. A hug, a caress would make a big difference. And maybe all my knowledge could`ve saved her some troubles.

Well now, it seems I`ve got a lot to work on. Doing whatever will be in my power to remove all the obstacles. It won`t be impossible, as nothing is. It only needs all my focus. And it`ll receive it. I have a good feeling about this, and just like before, with the bad feelings I had, I can`t shake it. And I don`t want to. My will is strong. I still have some fight left in me.

Bring it. I`m not going anywhere.


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