I often find myself lost in thoughts, just like everyone else. Altho` I have a great imagination, i think mostly about the past, and what could`ve been. I don`t dream anymore, I just remember. I never regret anything, but I can`t but wonder if I could`ve done something different. And what would`ve been the outcome.

How do I always give my all, without questioning, without thinking? I keep repeating to myself I`m not broken, but what if I am? Do I seek acceptance so bad, I lose myself in the process? Am I consumed with the prospect of a lonely future that much? Well now, isn`t that a shame? All this time wasted, mine and others` as well. It all counts as experience, but to what end?

On the other hand, my passion and loyalty are limitless. When I`m interested in something, I go out of my way to focus everything on that. I leave everything behind, just to pick it back up when it`s burnt out. Because it does end. One way or another, I will be back to the beginning. And I try again and again, changing factors, expecting a different outcome. Maybe someday I will get the outcome I deserve. But this is not the day.

I only gave you my all.


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