I have no super powers. Although I wish I had. I`m not rich. But it’d be nice. And I am lonely. But never alone. The last is the real struggle. I try to keep up with everything around me, even tho` I miss some things. It`s only normal some things to pass you by. Most of which you don`t even notice or know about.

I got enough support from friends. It`s more than I can handle, sometimes. But it`s all in good fun, in the end. My cold blood helps as well. The situations I`m put through are sometimes a bit much for me to handle on my own. And my ego is too big to ask for or accept any help. I could work on that.

On the other hand, I need some new distractions. New games, new people, new obsessions. Anything would do. This city is dead. It`s been dead for a long time. Even with the upcoming summer, I don`t think much will change.

Everyone I know is getting married and having kids. I panicked for a while. Then settled. I don`t need any of that, for now. I`m at that stage in my life when I only need myself. Just for a while. Plus, being single comes with a lot of perks. I`d rather see those, than the downsides. Contrary to my friends` belief, I like myself. Well, more than I like people, generally. People disappoint me every day. I never did that to myself, and probably never will.


Ruadh gu brath!


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