Hang on

Some say that happiness comes from within you, and it`s not about relationships, inanimate things or people around you. Some might even say you don`t need anything to be happy. Wrong. You need people in your life. You need things to do. Like work or hobbies. Loneliness is what kills the joy of life. It`s when the dark inside tries to get out and take over. But, then again, being alone is just a state of mind. There`s always someone at the other end of a phone call, or a written message.

There`re those 4 or 5 people that you always know will pick up the phone and answer. You will never need more than that. They`re always there. And, as I found out through experience, great friends are those that pick up after 3 years and speak to you like they saw you yesterday. Nothing changed between you. Work, marriage, kids, these are just details. Neither you nor them have time. Yet, when you talk, everything is good.

With the passing of time, people seem to change. But it`s not the people that change, but your own perspective over them. As we get older, we change our point of view of some things. But there are some friends that will always stay the same. No matter what you`re going through, they are there for you. And will leave everything to give you a helping hand or celebrate with you. Those are the only ones that matter. The people that make you happy.

Then, taking up a personal project can take your mind off the bad things around you. You can`t stop and think about how dark life is, when you`ve got your time filled with something you love to do. And if you can combine working and doing what you love, then you are truly a blessed man. Then nothing will matter. But that`s hard to achieve. And even harder to maintain.

At the end of the day, you are alone. It matters just how you perceive that. Embrace it, and you will be happy. Fight it, and you do more damage. The harder you try, the more everything will seem to be against you.

We need good mental health. And a drop of serenity.


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