Why are you fighting your nature? Haven`t you had enough? Have you lost yourself again? If you want to fight something, fight time. Fight people. But do not send yourself on the same path, only to find out the same outcome at its end. All the voices that resonate inside your head are there for a reason. You are not crazy. You just found out the best way to heal your wounds. Your best friends. Your brothers.

I can`t seem to find my way home. I wander around, aimlessly, day in, day out. I made up my own world, and it`s a pity we`re the only ones who get to see it. It`s nothing like the gray reality. Everything is in its place and nothing is missing. We forgave everyone. Even if we remember everything. The smell of spring air. The sound of screeching tires. The blinding light of a hot sun. A child’s smile and a mother`s laugh.

Sometimes I get tired of everything and I want the noise to stop, if only for a moment. Sometimes it`s too much, even for me. And sometimes, just sometimes, I wish I wasn`t me. But then, I trigger the deepest and most quiet voice inside. He always says the same thing: “Everything is not ok. That means this is not the end.” The fight is not over. Not by far. It`s a war and it should be treated accordingly.

“We walk, side by side, until we bleed out. We are one.”

“Wipe the blood from the corner of your mouth. Taste it. Now channel your hate. Turn it against itself.”

“We are one.”

“Why are we fighting again? I miss home. Can we go back?”

“Turn back and you will be forsaken. Purged from the memory. And if that happens, you`ll pull back all of us.”

“We live as one. We die as one.”



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