While I`m outside, I`m trying to stare right in. Or that`s how it feels. To see through all that bullshit you put up just for me. You`re nothing but a puppet, that changes its mask for the person next to you. You act up about little, insignificant things, yet, when it comes to something life changing, you either run away or ignore it. You don`t see the sparkle in my eye. And that bothers me.

And it bothers me when you find out from hearsay, some out-of-context lines, and take it just like that. No need to investigate. That person can`t be lying and it doesn`t have any hidden agenda, when telling it to you. Did you ever stop and think that, maybe, just maybe, sometimes I was saying the opposite? Maybe, just maybe, I was taking your side? But you had to be so superficial to just throw it all away. All because of hearsay.

At best, I can only complain. Too many times, they don`t understand me. Too many times, they took me for insane. But, in my insanity, I find it that I can be as true and direct as I can. And even then, it can be turned against me.

Whenever I think I`m done with the wrong around me, I fall back into this nonsensical madness. No matter what I say, I am guilty and punished accordingly. The laws of empty, gray people are above my own understanding.

You brought color to my life. The color that I loved and will love for the rest of my life. You can`t take the Red from me.



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