Seven and One

Everything became easier. Being by myself, disregarding the little hickups, is refreshing and empowering. I gained a little weight, I started working out to tone myself, I eat well and I even found someone to keep me in place. All the rage gathered for the last months went away, just it was never in me. I am not vengeful anymore. I found peace. And not in myself. But through her eyes.

10666108_10152662269134361_5002832825436737373_nI could easily hide from my emotions. I can put them somewhere no one can ever find them. Years of training and disappointments made that possible. I don`t judge them. Not for cheating, not for going away. All it was left was a scar. A scar that I`ll carry forever. Something that made me stronger, in time. Something that made me who I am today.

Probably not the first time I achieve inner peace. But this is the first time it`s not my own doing. First time I enjoy myself, somehow, from the outside. I left everything behind, locked in a distant memory. All I can see now is a future. My own. Not the pseudo-future I saw, for more than once, in which there was someone right besides me. But one in which everything is where it should be. Where I am standing tall and smiling at tomorrow.

My battles ended, for now. And even if they stop for only a moment, I am pleased. The war is not a war anymore. The wounds are not deadly anymore. The blood is not mine. The world stopped, for a split second, then started anew. I`m not their pet anymore. Everything remains as it never was.

There is no goodbye. There is no Hell.

I won.


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