How long

We were walking through the dark side of the forest, and, for a moment, a beam of bright light showed us the monsters around us. Whoever we had to fight to get out. Not now. But sometime in the future. The road is already ahead of us. We just need to survive it. And we will.

Have you ever wondered how many of us are like this? Aware that our entire existence is already set. The people that pass through our lives, the decisions we make, under the assumption of “free will”, the monsters that we have to fight.

I mention the monsters, because they’re the main reason of all this. The challenges that we face. The U turns. The heads against the wall. The deadlines. Those are the moments that define us. The person you are today is made of the scars from all the battles you went through. “This is why I don’t drink anymore”, “that’s how I got fired”, “she broke my heart”.

The scars are visible, through your future actions. I like to think it’s because you learnt something from that experience. But it`s probably a self defense mechanism. One you built up yourself, every moment of your life. One that adapts to the outside factors.

And it is my undying hope that every monster has the sword that slays it. It is up to you, and you only, how long it will take to finish that particular fight, and if you acquire the reward at its end. Because, in the end, there’s always a reward. Information, that is the power you should seek.

And it’s up to you to use that knowledge to better yourself or go back to your cave and dismiss it. The strength required to make the right choice is something dormant, that lies in each of us. You may choose to ignore it, but that doesn’t make it less true. And the true power is to rise above it all, no matter how hard that is. That’s all that remains.

Because, after all, we are all superheroes.


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