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We live in a society that brings you down for being a good guy. I have my flaws, just like the next guy, but that just makes me human. Even tho` I keep telling myself I am on the dark side because of it all, I`m still a good person. Everything I went through, after all these years, made me who I am today. Made me better, stronger, faster.

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It`s not a particular “her” I miss. It`s just the feeling. I just miss the trivial things. Like biting her lip, looking at me or putting that rebel strain of hair behind her ear. Waking up next to her warm body, twisted in some awkward sleeping position. Kissing her forehead before I leave for work. And so much more.

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Hang on

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Some say that happiness comes from within you, and it`s not about relationships, inanimate things or people around you. Some might even say you don`t need anything to be happy. Wrong. You need people in your life. You need things to do. Like work or hobbies. Loneliness is what kills the joy of life. It`s when the dark inside tries to get out and take over. But, then again, being alone is just a state of mind. There`s always someone at the other end of a phone call, or a written message.

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Made Sense

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I don`t usually reblog things. If someone wrote it, I just link it. But this time … This time was different. It actually made sense. So I`m going to post it here. Don`t worry. The source link is at the end. Enjoy. And maybe learn from it.

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I have no super powers. Although I wish I had. I`m not rich. But it’d be nice. And I am lonely. But never alone. The last is the real struggle. I try to keep up with everything around me, even tho` I miss some things. It`s only normal some things to pass you by. Most of which you don`t even notice or know about. Continue reading


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I often find myself lost in thoughts, just like everyone else. Altho` I have a great imagination, i think mostly about the past, and what could`ve been. I don`t dream anymore, I just remember. I never regret anything, but I can`t but wonder if I could`ve done something different. And what would`ve been the outcome.

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I walk a narrow path. I find my strength in trivial things. They`re just as important as the big things in my life. If not more. Every failure means I got to another crossroad. Even if I get hurt, I can move on, knowing I tried my best.

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