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While I`m outside, I`m trying to stare right in. Or that`s how it feels. To see through all that bullshit you put up just for me. You`re nothing but a puppet, that changes its mask for the person next to you. You act up about little, insignificant things, yet, when it comes to something life changing, you either run away or ignore it. You don`t see the sparkle in my eye. And that bothers me. Continue reading



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All our lives we look for something to keep us going. We walk different paths, to adapt accordingly to the given situations. We make compromises and we fight our ego for that. And why? So we can be happy. Continue reading


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So much time has passed since I felt like this. People around me smiling, talking, laughing, having the most fun we could`ve. They took a day that was meant to fall to pieces, and turned it into the greatest day I had in so long. Continue reading

Music is my life

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Well, I stumbled upon this challenge a while back. Just thought I should share with you guys and girls. It might be fun to go through with it. So, enjoy.

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I`ll show you mine

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You fail, and fail, and fail again. So much, that you start losing pieces of you along the way. So many, that you stop when you`re left with only one small piece. That small piece is everything you used to be. You keep it close, just in case someone will come tend to it. Nurse it back to life, if you may. But not everyone can do that.

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High Tech Cinderella Story

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Trecuse ceva timp de cand iesisem la un concert. Vremurile din Cluj cand mergeam saptamana de saptamana apusesera de mult. Mi`era dor, intr`un fel, de animozitatea unui local plin, de muzica atat de tare incat sa nu te poti auzi cu cel de langa tine si de aerul incarcat de fum de tigare. Asa ca am raspuns unei invitatii nerostite si am ajuns in Goblin, sambata seara.

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Just a tribute to a great man

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For those who don`t know him, he`s David Armand, also known as Johann Lippowicz. Enjoy. Continue reading